BPE BMW M3 Valve Train Upgrade Kit

Left-Stock BMW M3 conical spring & stamped steel retainer. Right-BPE Dual Springs, Titanium Retainer, Billet Steel Spring Seats

No More valve float!
Increases seat pressure by 54%, open pressure by 42%
And - NO - Machining Required!                        
   NO - Need to remove cylinder head!
    NO - Need to remove valve seals!     

BPE Performance Designed BMW M3 Valve Train Upgrade Kit
in stock and available now. Kit utilizes stock valve locks.

                BPE BMW M3 Valve Train Upgrade Kit - $715.00
                            Kit consists of:
                    24 Titanium retainers
                    24 Inner valve springs
                    24 Outer valve springs
                    24 Billet outer spring seats
                    24 Billet inner spring seats

To view head with parts installed, click here. BMW
In stock and available for immediate delivery. Contact us to order.


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