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NOTICE: This is a listing (and pictures) of heads we've worked on.
    None of these heads are in stock or are for sale.

Ford SVO heads #E3ZM-D3 after BPE valve job

BPE  ported 1969 Ford Boss 429 Shotgun Hemi #C9AE-C heads


1967 Ford FE 427 Tunnel Port heads #C7OE-K heads


1968 Ford 302 Windsor Tunnel Port heads #C8FE-A heads


BPE  ported 1971 Ford Boss 351 Cleveland #D1AE-GA heads


BPE  ported Edelbrock Ford Windsor heads


BPE  ported 1969 Ford 302/351 Windsor heads #C9OE-G


Ported Ford SVO V6 heads # E9ZM-6049-J380


4.6L Mustang 4-valve Cobra head with oversize Manley valves


BPE  ported Ford 5.4L 3-valve F150 heads


BPE  ported Ford 4.6L 2-valve head with
oversize Manley valves #F5AE-B22A


BPE  ported Ford SVO N351 heads


Ford Focus 2.0L SPI CVH cylinder head


Ford Focus 1.0L 4-valve 3-cylinder head



BPE  ported Ford 3.0L V6 4-Valve Duratec heads
for Noble Bi-Turbocharged M12

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