Label Fan Folder
Occasionally BPE will take a special request for a non-automotive related project.
Here's one we did for one of our neighbors - Label Specialties, Inc.


One of three BPE fabricated Label Fan Folders built for Label Specialties, Inc.
Device is used for folding bulk quantities of labels prior to shipment.


Close up of base showing roller stand mounting. Roller stands are mounted with
countersunk screws from underneath base and reinforced with L-brackets on top.
Also shown is optional use adjustable guide. Guide has thumb screw in T-slot and
nut on bottom of base which allows for adjustment for width of labels.


Close up detail of knurled roller handle, bearing mounting and top of roller
stand support. Handles were turned and knurled from cylindrical solid stock.
All stand supports were ganged together for machining. A 2o included angle
was incorporated in bearing slot to allow ease of roller installation when
a large heavy roll of labels is mounted.


Close up detail of roller parts. 3" diameter aluminum tubing was cut and
faced to length. All-Thread cut to length goes through fabricated end cap,
jam nut, bearing and knurled handle. A slight taper was incorporated on
the end cap O.D. to help facilitate sliding roller through label roll tubes.


Further detail shows recess in end cap for jam nut. The bearing slip fits on the
diameter surrounding the jam nut. Flange on handle locks bearing by inner race.
Handle unscrews from assembly to facilitate replacing bearing.


Label fan folder in use. A total of three were built for the
customer in order to fold approximately 7 million labels.


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