Mercedes Benz

BPE  ported 2005 Mercedes Benz M113 5.0L heads


BPE  ported Mercedes Benz M113 5.0L chamber


BPE  ported 1973 Mercedes Benz 230 head with welded
up port dividers and custom made "Thin Stem Valve"
valve guides. For more information and pictures about this
head click here
Mercedes 230


     Before                                                                                             After
Badly corroded
1958 Mercedes Benz 190 SL head.
Click here for more details on this repair
Mercedes 190SL


Mercedes Benz 300 SDL head.


The picture above shows the top and bottom half of a 1988 Mercedes Benz
300E AMG Hammer 6.0L V8 4 valve cylinder head. The "2 piece" heads split
down the middle horizontally. A pair of these heads came into the shop
leaking coolant and after pressure testing it was determined that they
were leaking at the seams between the two halves. The heads were
disassembled including removing the valve guides which was necessary
in order to facilitate the separating of the two halves.


The picture on left is the bottom half of the head showing the top of the ports & chamber of one
cylinder as seen from inside the water jacket. The hole in the center is the bottom half of the
spark plug well and the four holes surrounding it are the valve guide bores. The picture on the
the right is the top half of the head showing one of the old worn out o-rings that seals the spark
plug wells. All The studs and dowel pins were removed, the spark plug wells were bead blasted
and the cylinder head halves were hand lapped and cleaned. For assembly the halves were coated
with sealer, the studs, dowel pins and new o-rings were reinstalled. The heads were bolted to
torque plates in order to help clamp the halves together. Later new valve guides were fitted and
the heads were finished off with a Competition Valve Job and installed on a modified 400HP 6.6L V8

See also Mercedes 230

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